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Programme for the Final Breakthrough

1.00 pm 

Start of the Breakthrough Ceremony inside the tunnel,
dramatisated by Volker Hesse
1.30 pmSpeeches by:

- Luzi R. Gruber, Member of Group Management and
  Co-head of the Industrial Construction Division, Implenia
- Renzo Simoni, Chief Executive Officer, AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd
- Swiss Federal Councillor Moritz Leuenberger, Head of DETEC
1.45 pmBlessing of the tunnel
2.00 pmStartup of the tunnel boring machine on the Faido side
Final Breakthrough
4.30 pmCelebration meal in the Werkhalle, Sedrun

The Breakthrough Ceremony on the Sedrun side of the tunnel will be broadcast live on Swiss television.

Dramatisation deep under the mountains

On behalf of DETEC, theatre director Volker Hesse will herald the historic moment of the Final Breakthrough under the Gotthard with dramatic visual and sound effects. The human battle against the rocks of the Gotthard will be transformed into a poetic experience.

Visual and acoustic performances will be presented inside the tunnel with contributions from various artists including Rolf Derrer (lighting concept), Angel Sanchez (photographs of miners: "Heroes of Work"), Christian Zehnder (overtone singing, tuning horn), Töbi Tobler (hammered dulcimer and voice), Norbert Möslang (sounds), Arthur Schneiter (musical stones) and Roman Signer (blasting artist).