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Celebration events

Celebration events for miners and others involved in the project

In the construction-site towns of Faido and Sedrun, as well as in Lucerne and Erstfeld, around 3500 people involved in the project will follow the Final Breakthrough under the Gotthard live on large-scale video screens and celebrate. Participants will include the miners and others involved in the project, as well as invited guests of the tunnel owner, AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd, the Transco Sedrun Consortium and the TAT Consortium. The festivities are to thank those involved in the project, so are restricted to them and not open to the public.

Media Representatives have the opportunity to attend the event inside the tunnel at Sedrun (number of participants strictly limited) and in the Werkhalle at Sedrun.

Celebration events for the local populations in the construction-site towns

Celebration events will be held for the local populations in the construction-site towns in recognition of the many years of good collaboration with the respective municipalities. The residents of the portal towns Erstfeld and Bodio, as well as the residents of Sedrun and Faido, will be invited personally.

There will be no celebration for the general public. This will only take place when the Gotthard Base Tunnel is opened, or goes into operation, which is scheduled for 2017.